Kpop Review : Taemin 태민 – 괴도 Danger♥♥


I don’t update alot of times, but this time I’m doing a Kpop Review ^^ The next time I’ll do a haul blog!
But this time about someone that I really love : TAEMIN :) I’m so happy about this. I was trying to figure out what kind of solo artist Taemin he will be.


I was so happy when I heard Taemin will be release a solo album ! But I’ll be talking about the music video and the song !
I’m going to talk about the song first. I FREAKING LOVE THIS SONG! Why?

– First : Taemin was my first bias from SHINee, but it changed to Onew.
– Second : Taemin was first a dancer, but he became one of the greatest vocals of SHINee, after Sherlock I realize his voice and his way to sing became better. He is able to hold long notes and I love it when boys can hold long notes, like Jonghyun and Onew but I love Daesung as well, he can hold those notes too ^^
– Third : The beat is really catchy, I love it when they do the pum pum pum part ( that’s what I’ve heard )

But at some points I don’t like the whole change of Taemin, because in my mind he’s still that little cute flower boy, but he became really mature in a small time. Even the youtube couple Simon and Martina from Eatyourkimchi said it when Sherlock came out, They will never go back to the innocent flower boy part and They were right. Taemin grew up from a boy to a man. This song is mature and it fits Taemin, because it’s a dance song too. This fits Taemin the best a Dance and Vocal combination.

About the Music Video.

The first thing I see is a nose to ear piercing, I dunno what’s the name of it so I call it like that, but I like it when someone has that kind of piercings.
When they start to dance I was like, Finally this is Taemin, because his passion is Dancing, But the dance was to say it simple, it was taemin, flauwless, the famous popping and mature.

But one thing : PUT A SHIRT ON PLEASE ! I don’t like it when he’s dancing without a shirt or blouse, I didn’t like that too in Everybody. But that’s my opinion. For me he’s still at some points a boy and it’s just awkward for me to see him without a shirt. For me it’s sexy when he’s wearing a full suit and dances, but it’s turns me off when he’s making circles without fully covered. Like he’s wearing that dark red suit, that’s so hot for me!
But it’s his choice to be like that.

And now a little part about the english.
When I was watching a time ago to SHINee Wonderful day, it was a little bit hard to speak english words for him, but the little english in the song was very well pronounced.

But this was my Kpop review and I hope you like it! And don’t forget to share it and like it ! :)

Lots of Love ♥♥



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