Kpop Review : 에프엑스 F(x) – 레드 라이트 Red Light♥♥

Hiii cuties ^^♥♥

I know it’s been a while when I’ve updated my blog, but here I am. This week I’m doing a kpop review, so I will talk about songs and this week will it be F(x) with Red Light! They already made there comeback more then a week ago, but I just want to tell you know about the song and the album., okay Let’s start ^^



First of all, I freaking love F(x), they are my most favourite girl group from all those girl groups! I love their sound and their dances. But straight to the review! ~ When I saw the teaser photo’s I was like finally a comeback from F(x), but I like the individual pictures. I love amber’s pictures the most. She looks so feminime here. I wish there were more pictures of this side of her!fx-amber-4 When I heard the song for the first time I was like, okay in an awkward mood, so I didn’t understand the whole concept, so I tried to listen the song more times, but finally after a day I started to like the song and the video. I’ve heard lots of people saying they didn’t like this song or the music video, but there were a lot of people too who said this comeback was their best comeback from all the other songs. But in my opinion I think that their most amazing song was Rum pum pum pum, because it’s colorful and catchy, this song has it too, but it’s different.

But I like the clothes and the dance. But first thing what I thought about the mv was it looks so gothic, because it’s looks dark of the colors and the one eye side make-up and those eyepatches on their faces. But sometimes when they worn their hats I thought they look like amish, or something like that. But those were my first thought, but now I love the song, I love the clothes, I love the make-up,.. I love everything ^^

But about the other songs of the album ! I like milk, the song is so catchy that I can’t get it out of my head, I hear it whole the time in my head! I like the other songs as well too…I like the whole album :)

But this is the end of my kpop review for this week! I hope you have enjoyed this review about the girl group F(x), So if you like it can you give me a like, or left a comment if you want ^^ ♥♥

Loves, ♥♥♥ Hennie


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