Haul : Essence Cosmetics ♥♥

Hii Cutie Pies :) ♥♥

It’s been a week when I’ve written my first review ! :)
This week I’m doing a cosmetics haul !
From Essence ! It’s my favorite brand here from The Netherlands ,I really love it, it’s cheap, but it has good quality
So let’s start !!~~

The things that I’ve bought are :



It’s a compact powder from Essence, it’s a really nice compact powder
It isn’t really transparent, if you wear a darker tone of a foundation of bb cream you’ll probably see it.
But I wear a light tone, so if I wear it, you don’t see it.
It’s looks really matt on your skin and it’s really light on your face!




It’s a gel eye pencil, from Essence too.
I never have used a gel liner before, so it’s the first time for me trying it.
But I thought, I just want to try a different color then black, so I bought the brown color.
I tried it on the top of my hand and it’s really long lasting.
This is a keeper ! :D




This is a eyeliner pen, from Essence too ! :)
I’ve tried it on this day and I was really happy with the result,
It’s really easy to put it on and the brush isn’t that big, a size
But some eyeliner pens that I’ve tried on fades or blurs really quick
But this one is really great, I recommend this one definitely if you want to draw really quickly and easily a line above your eyes!




Tada the XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss !!
I love this one, really, it has a nice color !
I’ve already lots of lipglosses and lipsticks from Essence, but I thought I really want to try this color on~
So I bought it :)
The name of the color is Number 2 Coral Delight


So this is the end of my Haul experience
I hope you had fun while reading this !

Bye Bye Bye Bye ♥♥♥


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