REVIEW : Lovely Rose Parfum

I bought this week a parfum in a discount store. I didn’t have alot of money and I was out of the perfume..
So I thought,,I really need one, so I went inside the discount shop to look for parfumes and that where I found this one




It’s a cheap brand so I didn’t expect a lot of it. The price is €1,69
But when I tried it one in the store, it smelled really good.
I really love flower scents, so that’s why I bought this :)
But it really smells like roses and it’s a refreshing scent.
And I love the case and the bottle, it’s so cute, the pink and red color look good together.
But one negative thing is that the scent quickly disappears :(
So I think I need to spray it on a lot of times on a day



This was my first review ever !! :) So don’t mind if it’s boring or stupid…
But I still hope that you have enjoyed this review while reading it.

Bye Bye everyone :) ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


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